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Enough is Enough

That's it, I'm tired of seeing it over and over again, it happens to us every other game, sometimes in consecutive games!! Tonight was the last straw, there need to ba changes made. Tonight's game against St. Louis, I personally watched our team screw up major once again. Down 3-2 in the Bottom of the 8th, Hanley singles, advances to second because Rick Ankiel cant handle the ball, and then advnaces to Third because it squirts through a quarter of the Cardinal infield before Molina heads it off. There I am thinking theres no way we won't tie this game, oh how wrong I was. Hanley at third, with NO OUTS!!! Even a weak Sac Fly gets him in, as long as its not hit to Ankiel. And what do our guys do? Hermida, Willingham, and Jacobs procede to go down in order, not ONE putting a good swing on the ball. I have one word for it, PATHETIC!!! How does this team expect to catch the Phillies and the Mets when our situational hitting is a non factor? Hermida took 4 hacks before being retired on a weak grounder to first after he swung and missed at two of the worst balls thrown to him. Willingham takes a called third strike in a 3-2 count, shouldent he have been swinging to defend the plate? And Jacobs comes in and after 3 pitches pops out to shallow center field leaving Hanley stranded at third. And the icing on the cake was Uggla getting thrown out trying to steal in the Bottom of the 9th with no outs, he wasnt even close. Freddi needs to shake things up, give these guys a wake up call. This bull crap of making every game a crap shoot and seeing what happens day after day wont get us in the playoffs. Sanchez threw an incredible game giving up 3 runs and striking out Pujols 3 times!! And our only offense was on a passes ball and a Home Run by Ross. Run support has to be there because they're giving us quality innings and we're not taking advantage of it. Plain and simple, our situational hitting needs to improve and FAST if we're gonna have a chance. We cant count on others to do our work for us if we cant win when the Mets and Phillies dont win, if we did that, we would be in first by now. Does anybody have any ideas on how this team can shake it up? I think we should bench Hermida and Jacobs and call up McPherson and move Cantu to 1st and make either Amezaga or Gonzo the starting right fielder. Besides the series with the Cubs and those games after he was dangled as Manny trade bait, Hermida has done practically nothing. This has to stop, there needs to be a wake up call, because if there isnt a change, they'll be watching the playoffs from their couches knowing damn well they could have and should have been there.
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